Kommende Veranstaltungen

Bibleway Gesundheitscamp 2023

30. Juli – 6. August 2023 von Male Bone / Briscilla Laing

One Month Medical Missionary School
1st – 30th May, 2023 by Barbara O’Neil / MBLaing
1. bis 30. Mai 2023 Einmonatige Missionsärztliche Schule Barbara O'Neil / MBLaing
4. Juni - 15. Juli 2023 Öffentliche Online-Evangelisation Pastor Maurice Berry
30. Juli - 6. August 2023 Bibleway Gesundheitscamp 2023 Male Bone Briscilla Laing
13. bis 25. August 2023 Eine Woche Schule Mamon & Zebulon Wilson
28. August - 3. September 2023 Health Camp Wales Lucille Fiffels

Vergangene Ereignisse

The camp meeting is an awesome time where we are able to meet new friends and also strengthen our bonding not only with our friends but also with our faithful and gentle friend, Jesus. Being able to learn things from so many different speakers opened up my thinking and the way I look and study the Bible. Everyone in this camp has a role to play, and as for us as a choir, we were able to, with the help of the Holy Spirit, touch others with the message that is present in the song. My hope is to be able to attend this meetings more often with more people joining and feel the love that God has for us through this meetings in the future.
Kelvin Liew

Malaysian Student, Asia-Pacific International University

Bibleway-Kalender für 2023

  • Date: 10th Sept - 17th Dec, 2023
  • Event: Dreimonatige Missionsärztliche Schule vor Ort
  • Speakers: Male Bone / Briscilla Laing