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Health Camp 2024

Health Camp 2024

Preparing for Persecution: Equipping for Emergencies

Understanding the Urgency

As the clouds of crisis gather, foresight becomes paramount. The prospect of persecution looms, raising concerns about the safety and well-being of families, particularly when venturing into the wilderness. From fevers to bites from venomous creatures, the spectrum of potential emergencies demands preparedness.

Expert Guidance in Times of Trial

Barbara O’Neill, Male Bone & Briscilla Laing, and Zebulon Wilson stand as seasoned guides, offering a wealth of knowledge honed through past adversities. Their expertise spans herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, and poultices—crucial tools in navigating the trials of persecution.

Embracing Education: A Prudent Choice

In the face of imminent challenges, wisdom dictates proactive learning. Is there folly in acquiring essential skills to confront the forthcoming tribulations head-on? With an open forum for inquiries, Bibleway Ministry e.V. extends an invitation to fortify God’s people against adversity.

An Enriching Agenda for young and old

Drawing from biblical wisdom and prophetic insight, our program promises enrichment for all attendees. Musical interludes by Neville Peters will uplift spirits, while Aaron Tenario’s vivid experiences in medical missions will inspire the younger generation, ages 12 and above, in separate classes.

Interactive learning for children

Through interactive learning and age-appropriate activities, we encourage children’s understanding and interest in the principles of holistic health and wellness. In addition to singing, crafts and stories, we explore herbs, discover the benefits of hydrotherapy and much more. Children’s imaginations will be stimulated & their curiosity and enthusiasm for natural remedies will be awakened.

Bring your loved ones and friends! Our tailored program guarantees benefits for every participant.


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