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“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” Matthew 9:37, KVJ

You can now support the labourers in God’s vineyard by supporting one one our projects below. You can do a one-time donation or recurring donation to any of the projects below.

Our principles regarding Donation.

1. We do not accept the donation with the intent to accrue interest.
2. We do not accept the donation with the intent to lobby for privileges not offered by the ministry.
3. We do not accept the donation with the intent to manipulate the ministry’s policies, plans, and administrative decisions.
4. We do not accept the donation with the intent of money laundering.
5. The ministry has the right to reject or refuse donations which violate the principles stated above.

Projects Needing Your Support.

Media project

1. The media project is responsible for producing truth and spirit-filled videos on health topics and Bible topics.
2. The media project also has the vision to translate the KJV text Receptus Bible into German. We are planning to start doing the translation work on Daniel and Revelation, book with some explanation. We have a clear command from God to do this as indicated below. “We do not dwell sufficiently upon the Revelation and the book of Daniel. These books
should be published together in pamphlet form, with a few explanations added, and they should be circulated everywhere. The words of inspiration will do their appointed work; for the Holy Spirit will impress hearts in regard to the prophecies given.“ “In this pamphlet it should be made plain that a revelation is not a mystery which cannot be understood, but rather a mystery revealed. These two books may be prepared for publication in a pamphlet bound inexpensively, costing but a trifle, and small enough to be
carried in the pocket. Printed together, the books of Daniel and the Revelation will speak to the people and tell their own story.”

(18 MR 178, 179)

Kenya Wellness and Natural Medicine College

Our project in Kenya consists of a modern wellness center to help improve the health of more than ten thousand inhabitants in Kericho areas. We also have in our plan to build the first Bio Hygieo Naturopathic wellness college in the same place. We have started to do the construction work for the basement and foundation, and the construction work has to stop due to depletion of funds. Your contribution certainly makes this project to become a reality. We have provided pictures for your perusal. Our financial goal for this project is Euro 3,000,000. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Germany Wellness Center Project

Bibleway has been in operation for more than ten years. We have many beautiful and positive experiences from our health guests whose health restored. The influx of health guests has increased over the years. There are times we have to send people away for the lack of place.  The time has come to build a proper facility to answer the demand of need due to the increasing number of health guests coming for help with their health conditions. The construction work on the facility is ongoing at Mittelsinn, Germany. The budget needed for this project is Euro 5,000,000.  Your contribution would significantly hasten the completion of the project. Pictures are attached below for your perusal. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Poor Health Guest Fund

We have the experience of accepting critically ill health guests who could not afford to pay for their stay and lifestyle training they are receiving to overcome their health conditions. This situation was very draining for the ministry financially. This situation put a massive strain on the operation of the ministry. Your contribution helps to defray the cost incurred by the health guest with financial difficulties and expand the possibilities for the ministry to help more people in critical health needs without compromising the quality of our services. The necessary cost per health guest is Euro 1,500 per person.  Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Bibleway Organic Gardening Project

The highest cost incurred is majorly in food consumptions by the health guests, students, and staffs. We know that by having a well-operated garden could yield high-quality produce, which could help cut the cost of buying the food from the supermarkets. We are planning to build four greenhouses, and secure the fences around the garden to prevent wild animals from destroying our efforts.

The financial goal for this project is Euro 10,000. Your positive contribution would help the ministry to provide the highest quality of food for everyone coming to us. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Start a New Project

We had the experience of people asking us if we are willing to run projects such as starting wellness centers, medical missionary training centers or run evangelistic meetings in different parts of the world. If you are looking for a trustworthy ministry to make good use of the funds for projects related to gospel work other than the projects indicated above; Bibleway is committed to doing just that. Please feel free to contact us about this. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Sabah Wellness Center Project

Sabah has about 2 million inhabitants. The religious statistic is as following, Islam has about 65.4%, Christian 26.6%., Buddishm 6.1%, and others religion 1.6%, and no religion 0.3%. We believe that the medical missionary work is effective to win many of the Muslims to Christ. There is land available for this project, located in the area of Tamparuli.  Our goal is to provide a modern facility to run effective health programs that would give force to the appeal of the gospel to the population in this state. The financial goal for this project is Euro 5,000,000. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Missionary Training Fund

Bibleway has trained more than fifty students over the period of ten years. We have been receiving on the average of four students. In reality, we could well take eight students. Many of the people that would have loved to come could not, due to the financial shortage.  We need more missionaries for Europe. Your positive financial contribution to the missionary training funds would help us take in more students for the training as a missionary to finish the gospel work in Europe, specifically. The cost per student for the one month program is Euro 750,00, and for the three months program per student is Euro 3.500,00. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Translation Work for English Literature to German

There is much useful information available out there, but sadly, most of them are not in the German language. We would like to do translation work so that the best information is available to the Germans. Your contribution helps us to translate many books about spiritual or health matters for the benefit of many. Ask God what He would you do for this project?

Yearly Campmeeting Program

We are planning to organize health expo/camp meetings yearly. These meetings are meant not only for Seventh-day Adventists but also for the public. We understand that there is a great need for such a program, to help bring awareness of healthy living, natural remedies for serious lifestyle problems. It is also providing a platform for medical missionaries to showcase themselves to the Adventist community and the public, regarding services they are offering.  This meeting also provides a platform for the missionaries to meet, fellowship and encourage one another. We are inviting the best speakers and educators from Europe as well as from abroad for the benefits of the people. The running cost of organizing this meeting is Euro 15,000; this includes, tickets fare for the speakers, cost for their food, rental cost for the meeting facilities.

Bibleway Workers Salary

Bibleway ministry is a self-supporting ministry. We received no grants, loans, or direct financial support from any established organizations. Our primary financial support is donations for the services we are offering. All of the personnel working in our facility is on the self-sacrificial basis. The duties they perform on a daily basis in attending to the needs of the health guests are nothing short of the highest quality. Yet, they were receiving a pittance for their best services.  Ask God how you could help us financially to help raise the standard of income for these faithful missionaries.

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