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Frequently Asked Questions

What system is taught in this school?

Bio-Hygieo Naturopathic System

The definition for Bio-Hygieo Naturopathic System:

Bio-Hygieo directly translated means, healthy life.

Bio, from Greek bios, means – course of human life. In the context of modern scientific usage, it is
‘organic life.’

The word Hygieo is hygienic in English. In this school, we are emphasizing remedial hygienic.

Hygiene is that branch of biology that relates to the preservation and restoration of health. Remedial hygiene is the intelligent employment of the forces – in chemical or mechanical forms – and agents of nature for preserving and restoring health. It comprehends the ever-present needs of life, health, growth development, and activity. To support the aforementioned; light, air, water, food, rest, sleep, exercise, cleanliness, cheer, hope, love, joy, and the sense of liberty are the essentials.

Naturopathic is, based on the principle that the body can heal itself. It aims to improve health, prevent disease, and treat illness through the use of the following:

Organic plant-based nutrition, plant-based food is the best source of carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, protein, and fat. All the substances and elements necessary for up building, production of bio-electric, and optimal functioning of all of the systems namely:
cardiovascular, digestive, excretory, limbic, immune, metabolic, musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, and reproductive.

Correct systematic exercise, has life extension benefits, it enhance the functions of the following: cardiovascular system, Digestive system, metabolic system, respiratory system, immune system, vision, Musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and the sexual system.

Consistent and systematic hydration of the body directly helps the fluidity of the blood flow in the cardiovascular system. Water plays a vital role in the homeostatic system; osmosis process depends majorly on the sufficiency of water for efficient function. The respiratory organs, excretory system, the liver, and the digestive system are all dependent on sufficient amount of water for optimal function. The body produces bioelectricity which comes as a result of the chemical reactions within it, which is highly dependent on the hydrolytic property of water.

The sun emits electromagnetic energy in the form of heat. The sun’s energy is the primary source of all energy on earth necessary for all activities of life. All living systems revolve around electromagnetic energy. Every cell in the body is generating an electromagnetic field (EMF). The body cells use electric charges and electrochemical signals to perform their vital functions. Maintaining balance in those cellular EMFs is crucial to physical health.

Scientists had recently found that the Ultra-weak Electromagnetic Wavelength Radiation as Bio-photonic Signals received from the sun plays a role in regulating life processes. It enhances the ionization process taking place in the cell. The EMF triggers the Photochemical Processes to Induce Intercellular Communication by Electromagnetic Waves contributes to the repairing process of a damaged DNA.

Temperance is avoiding usages of all harmful substances and moderately using or consuming the good and the healthy substances. Through intemperance, metabolic wastes accumulate and turn into a toxic substance. By keeping temperance principle faithfully, it will affect the reduction of accumulated metabolic waste products in the system. Correct breathing is an integral component of the naturopathic system. Through respiration, we obtain twenty percent from the atmosphere minerals in the form of colloids, which are necessary for all of the chemical processes in our body to produce bioelectricity.

Correct breathing is an integral component of the naturopathic system. Through respiration, we obtain twenty percent from the atmosphere minerals in the form of colloids, which are necessary for all of the chemical processes in our body to produce bioelectricity.

Sufficient rest, which includes sleep proves to be more than just getting rid of exhaustion. It is an integral part of healing and restorative process of the body. During sleep, essential hormones such as melatonin, hGH hormone, and testosterone produced for the benefit of the system. Optimal quantities of Sleep enhance the function of the Immune System.

Trusting in Divine power is a non-negotiable aspect of the Naturopathic method. Spirituality is a built-in principle in the human life. All of these points mentioned above are lessons essential to the training.

When is the training session?

Our one-month training is available yearly, in April.

What is the goal of the training?

The health classes are designed to prepare medical missionaries competent to minister in various clinical settings. From this training, the students will be able to teach Seventh-day Adventist health message through seminars, cooking schools, and individual counseling, as well as training in the treatment modalities of hydrotherapy, massage, diet, exercise, herbal remedies, and lifestyle medicine. Vocational training experience is available at the Bio-Hygieo Lifestyle Center in Therapy, counseling, and evangelistic roles.

What are the training modules available?

Basic First Aid within Natural remedies context

In this course, the student will learn how to administer first aid techniques using natural way in case of emergency.

The Basic Principle of Diseases in connection to the eight laws of health.

The breaking of the eight laws of health is underlying causes of all of the diseases. This course is a study on the underlying reasons of why diseases occur; this understanding will help in the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Colon Hydrotherapy

In this course, the student will learn the principles of colon cleansing. A practical lesson on how to use vegetable juices, fruit juices, herbs, colonic irrigation and enema kit for a safe and effective colon cleansing.

Divine principles of Medical Missionary

This course is a study of the divine principles, which define the purpose, reasons, the functions, the methods, of the medical missionary work, in the scope of the plan of the redemption.


A physiological and practical approach to the understanding and use of the hydrotherapy as a God-ordained treatment modality and a study of how the water of varying temperatures and in various states effects changes in nervous, circulatory, and muscular systems.


In this course the students will learn massage techniques to improve blood circulation, for muscle toning, breaking scar tissues, and enhancing joints mobilization. The students will also learn some sports massage techniques.


In this course, the Students will learn how to make and to apply herb fomentation using different herbs, charcoal and other helpful items for various problems. The student will also learn poultice techniques for first aid and long-term treatment plan.

Principle of Protocol Preparation

In this class, the student learns how to put together an efficient protocol for the health guest for a successful health session.

Principle of Therapeutic Exercise

In this course, the students are taught proper techniques for therapeutic exercises specially designed for people whose health are not at optimal level. This exercises improves blood circulation, digestion, tone muscles, and boost the immune system and many other benefits.

Principle of Medicinal Herbs

In this course, the student learns a rational application of medicinal herbs with powerful Phytochemicals. Students will review God’s counsels and scientific literature on herbal medicine regarding the use of these natural resources as part of the NEWSTART program to prevent and remedy diseases.

Therapeutic Fasting & Juicing

In this course, the student will learn why fasting is necessary, how to do it properly, when to do it and when to stop doing it, and when fasting is not necessary. The student will also learn the basic principles of juicing during the fasting.

Vitals check

In this course, the student will learn how to use the tools for the checking the vital signs, such as the stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, Thermometer, Eye pressure, and few other modalities.


A month is required to receive the certificate for this course. Please discuss with the administrator of the school about this requirement.

What will I learn?

1. Correct medical missionary training centering on Simplicity is power.

2. The student will become intelligent in regard to disease, its causes, prevention, and cure.

3. The student will be trained to skillfully apply the eight laws of health to overcome serious and complex health conditions.

4. The students will be trained to skillfully use nutrition, herbs, phytochemicals, Hydrotherapy, Massages, and Lymphatic drainage.

5. The student will be trained to skillfully make tinctures, poultices, medicinal teas, and juices.

6. The student will be trained to skillfully apply the polygraph health diagnosis developed by Mamon Wilson.

How does the Program look like?

What is the cost?

€ 1.557,70

Please refer to the student handbook for details.