Online Application Form – 1 Month Course

Please read the instructions below before filling the application form.

  1. Please go to the student handbook link on the dropdown menu on the school tab; carefully read the Bibleway Institute student handbook for the one month school. Consider especially the educational philosophy and the specific commitments required from you, should you be accepted as a student.
  2. Before completing the application form, please refer to the online German embassy website relevant to your nationality to determine if a visa waiver applies to your citizenship for 30 days visit.
    We have designed our program for 90 days so that international students could receive this cutting edge information within the tourist visa provision. We are aware that some countries are only allowed 30 days
  3. Please be aware that your application will be not be accepted if you are NOT planning to fulfill the requirement for the one-month practicum.
    If initially, you have agreed to go for the practicum but change your mind after the one academic month completed, the school will only give such students the certificate of participation and not the certificate of completion and competency. The cost for the certificate of participation is the same as the certificate of completion and competency. Please refer to the student handbook.
  4. Fill out the application form and answer all the questions by referring to the student handbook.
  5. Please upload your latest electronic photo into the upload section below. An application form without the picture will not be accepted.
  6. Payment via Paypal is acceptable. Just click on the Pay button. Indicate that the amount is for one month school.  If you wish to pay with other methods, please contact us via phone or email.
  7. If you want to pay forward to your graduation and the certificate, please indicate by clicking on the button provided on the payment page.
    We require the potential student to pay for the certificate at the outset; but, not for the graduation; this could be paid three months before the ceremony. Attending the graduation is not compulsory.
  8. Before completing the application, please do the mandatory reading on those two recommended books, Ministry of Healing (German Edition) and Counsels on Diet and food (German Edition). After you have completed the reading assignments, please take the tests.
    • Ministry of Healing, Download PDF
    • Online test for the Ministry of Healing
    • Counsels on Diet and Foods, Download PDF
    • Online test for Counsels on Diet and food
  9. Please complete the 40 questions admission test. You can print out the PDF document to study the questions. Do not try to answer the questions before studying them.
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