Three Month Medical Missionary School

Online Training

Learn fundamental skills needed by the end-time medical missionary to efficiently do the work successfully.

Following are some points essential for you to take careful note of:

  1. The certificate is only issued to those who have taken the complete course, which means not one subject offered is missing.
  2. Students wishing to receive the certificate must send in the payment as indicated on the application form.
  3. It is a requirement that all online students obtain the urinalysis kit as indicated on the application form.
  4. Only students who had completed the application form and paid the school fees have full access to the live streaming and the videos lodged in the Bibleway private server.
  5. Please be aware that your application will be not be accepted if you are not planning to fulfill the requirement for the three months practicum. If initially you have agreed to go for the practicum but changes you mind after the three academic months are completed; the school will only give such student the certificate of participation and not the certificate of completion and competency. The cost for the certificate of participation is the same as the certificate of completion and competency. Please refer to the student handbook.
  6. It’s also required to purchase the Green Medicine Encyclopedia. More info here.
  7. Due to pandemic, the prices for the RBTI kit has gone up. We can assist you with regards to purchasing the kit. 
  8. For this section we require the prospective students to buy these instruments.

Reading Material

  1. The Ministry of Healing
  2. Counsels on Diet and Food
  3. Medical Ministry

Failure in reading the recommended books and answering the online test (will be given later) will result in rejection of the application.

Required Health Assessment tools



Sample Link: Pockettester


Sample Link: Pockettester

Brix Refractor Meter

Sample Link: Amazon

Combur 10 Test® test strips

Sample Link: eboshealthcare