Wellness Center

BIbleway Wellness Center is located in a cozy village of Mittelsinn out in the countryside of Main-Spessart in the northwest of Bavaria, Germany. Beautiful nature surrounds us and often serenaded by the beautiful singing of various kinds of birds flying freely in the protected nature sanctuary.

BioHygieo Naturopathic Wellness center (BHNW) is committed to helping those suffering from the lifestyle illnesses. Our specially designed health programs have demonstrated remarkable success in overcoming and reversing many diseases.

BioHygieo Naturopathic Wellness means, health restoration using natural remedies. It is the practice of intelligently employing the forces or energy – whether in chemical or mechanical forms – in nature such as sunlight, air, water, food, rest, sleep, exercise, cleanliness, cheer, hope, love, joy, and the sense of liberty are the essentials.

All those mentioned above are essential for promoting the efficient activity of Ionization process in the body.  IONIZATION* is God’s laws putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion.

An ion** in its singular anionic form is the smallest amount of ENERGY in existence God had created. The process of ionization is actively taking place in our digestive system and all of cells and tissues found in organs and glands of our body.

Our BHNW program is designed to help our health guests to make simple, permanent changes in their lifestyle to profoundly impact upon their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

* IONIZATION – Dr. Carey Reams taught that human, animal, and plant cells are built by an ionization process utterly akin to electroplating methods whereby metals are coated or built up in tanks. Ionization is God’s laws putting things together and taking them apart ion by ion.

** ION  – “I require a term to express those bodies which can pass to the electrodes, or, as they are usually called, the poles.

Substances are frequently spoken of as being electro-negative, or electro-positive,  as they go under the supposed influence of a direct attraction to the positive or negative pole.

But these terms are much too significant for the use to which I should have to put them; for though the meanings are perhaps right, they are only hypothetical, and may be wrong; and then, through a very imperceptible, but still very dangerous, because continual, influence, they do great injury to science, by contracting and limiting the habitual view of those engaged in pursuing it.

I propose to distinguish these bodies by calling those anions which go to the anode of the decomposing body; and those passing to the cathode, cations; and when I have occasion to speak of these together, I shall call them ions.” — Michael Faraday; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 1834, 124, 79.

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97785 Germany
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